Secrets of a lazy french cook
Le Moel, Marie-Morgane 

Format: Paperback
Library Classification: Adult Non Fiction
BIC Subjects: Lifestyle, sport & leisure
      Cookery / food & drink etc
Audience: General/trade
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
Imprint: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
Publication Date: 1/02/2012
Place of Publication: Australia

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I ordered a kir. I had promised myself not to drink anything that night, in order to keep my mind clear and be able to sound intelligent in proper English, but my resolution had failed immediately. He was obviously as irritating as he had seemed the first time we had met. When Marie, an adventurous French journalist, decides to try life as a foreign correspondent in Australia, it’s a steep learning curve. How to get invited to the best election events, how to get a word in edgewise at press conferences when pushy Australian writers keep interrupting, and how to make new friends - especially when Immigration has firmly suggested your French-Canadian fiancé must go home. Luckily having a suitcase full of Maman’s recipes helps when homesickness hits. But will Marie ever feel that she belongs in her adopted country? You can take the girl out of France, but can you ever take France out of the girl?