The ship that sailed to Mars
Timlin, William M. 

Format: Hardback
Library Classification: Junior Fiction
BIC Subjects: Fairy tales, folk tales, fables, magical tales & traditional stories
Audience: General/tradeChildren/juvenileProfessional and scholarly
Publisher: Dover Publications Inc.
Imprint: Dover Publications Inc.
Publication Date: 30/12/2011
Place of Publication: United States

 Synopsis  Information
With this long-forgotten masterwork, Timlin, an obscure South African architect, brought forth a magical intertwining of Burroughs and Tolkien. With 48 pages of calligraphic text and 48 color plates, it is a work of stunning design, illustration, calligraphy, and overall conception. Includes a new Introduction by John Howe, a conceptual designer for "The Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy. Ages 9+.