Night school
Daugherty, C. J. 
Night School   

Format: Paperback
Library Classification: Junior Fiction
BIC Subjects: General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Audience: Children/juvenileYoung adult
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint: ATOM
Publication Date: 5/01/2012
Place of Publication: United Kingdom

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Allie Sheridon is sixteen years old and her life is falling apart. Sent away by her parents to Cimmeria, a school specialising in 'problem' teenagers, she's just starting to adjust to her new surroundings when she and her best friend are attacked in the school grounds. There's something strange about Cimmeria, something linked to the nocturnal activities of an elite group of the students. Allie is determined to get to the bottom of the strange occurrences happening all around her, but it's not easy when you're stuck in the depths of the English countryside. Ages 13+.